Tak 2000

The Thermal Analysis Kit (TAK) 2000 is an engineering application used to model and predict the thermal performance of virtually any thermal system. It has been used to model spacecraft, oil pipeline buried in the arctic tundra, fiber optics, electronic circuit boards & boxes, ovens, cryostats and telescopes.

TAK 2000 is easy to use without the typical steep learning curve. It is also an afforadable alternative.

The TAK 2000 is a fully double precision application that uses a finite differencing approach to thermal modeling and analysis. The model is formatted as an ASCII text file, similar to NASA's SINDA. This feature makes modeling simple and very straightforward. While SINDA requires a Fortran compiler, TAK 2000 does not.

However, if you have legacy SINDA models, you can still run them on TAK 2000 with the addition of an Intel Visual Fortran compiler. TAK 2000 can model 3-D simulations that can have conduction, convection, and radiation. Thermal properties can be a function of time or temperature. Model processing of either a steady state or transient simulation generally only takes seconds.

Communicating the results is as important as the analysis itself so the Workbench is loaded with tools to distill and package the data generated during the processing phase. Graphs can be plotted of temperature time histories. Various temperature tables of selected nodes can be tabulated. Compare the results of several parametric changes or filter out the minimum and maximum temperatures experience during a transient simulation. Finally, TAK 2000 has been human-engineered to serve people. Nodes have names not cryptic numbers. Context-sensitive Help is always a keystroke away. Material property databases are built into the Workbench with over 1,300 entries. Web links to the latest TAK news and data can be accessed from the Workbench.


Now models can be divided into logical pieces for separate analysis, and then combined into one system model. This is useful when members of a geographically diverse team are modeling various subsystems. This capability can be used to create a library of validated, reusable submodels. The analysis of an evolving "product" then becomes vastly easier.

TAK2000 Pro or
       TAK 2000 Lite?

The Pro edition comes complete with all the features a Thermal Analyst would expect, including the ability to model up to 80,000 nodes.

The Lite edition has many of the same features as Pro but is limited to 100 nodes. Two sizes to meet different needs.

Actual Applications of TAK 2000

Peat bog in the UK

Armoured Cable

Fiber manufacture in Italy

HST Instruments

High Resolution Imagers

Spitzer Cryogenic Telescope

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