K&K Associates
provides consulting services:
Support a design decision: Is the lack of a dedicated thermal analysis staff delaying a critical decision? K&K Associates is ready to support you in keeping that design schedule.

Build a "turn-key" model: So you have a staff, but they are currently overwhelmed with other work. K&K Associates can build a fully documented thermal model that can be turned over to your staff.

Develop a custom thermal application: Do you have a proprietary system or process that requires ever changing thermal analysis by engineers who are not “thermal experts”. K&K Associates can build you a thermal analysis application, with simplified input that is customized to your needs. We can do this in short order and for a fraction of the cost of normal software development. How? By leveraging the software components we have already developed and checked out. These same components underlie our TAK 2000 and PCAnalyze applications.